Kinds of boards

You can choose kinds of boards as shown below.
You can also change settings on the Board settings after creating boards.

  1. Open Community
    This is a convenient board to share files with specific people. Those who were invited and allowed to join can share files on this board.
  2. Public Board
    This is a convenient board to share files with an unspecified number of people.
  3. Family/Friends
    Let's share files with family and colleagues. Photos, videos and materials necessary for seminar is available.
  4. Group(Public Board)
    Let's put together files necessary to advance the planning required by the activity.
  5. Portfolio(Public Board)
    This is a board to publish your works. Let people show your photos or videos you created in the past.
  6. Customize
    It is possible to set up the board as you like.
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