• 【New Feature】 Medical DICOM files (dcm, dicom) are now previewable (advanced preview).
  • 【New Feature】Shade files (shd) are now previewable (advanced preview).
  • 【New Feature】OmniGraffle files (graffle) are now previewable (only flat files). 
  • 【New Feature】Pixcelmator files (pxm) are now previewable.
  • 【New Feature】Quartz Composer files (qtz) are now previewable.
  • 【New Feature】iOS App Store Package files (ipa) are now previewable.
  • 【New Feature】Markdown files (md, markdown) are now previewable.
  • 【Fix】 Fixed part of the email that is automatically sent when you change your email address. 
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