v1.5.9 (2013.10.07)

  • 【Important Announcement】Advanced preview functionality added for paid users.
  • 【Improvement】Streaming of video and audio files in all browsers that CoreDrive supports *1. 
  • 【Improvement】Mac software project files like GarageBand, OmniPlan and Sketch are now previewable *2. 
  • 【Improvement】Text files including programming languages now previewable *3.
  • 【Improvement】Display of thumbnails and previews sped up. 
  • 【Improvement】Pressing left and right arrow keys in enlarged preview mode now cycles between files. 
  • 【Fix】Fixed bug where Illustrator files (.ai) and EPS files were saved as ps files when downloaded in IE and Safari. 
  • 【Fix】Fixed bug where video taken on an iOS device is displayed rotated.
  • 【Fix】Fixed bug where the screen did not display after login in IE. 

*1 There are limits to streaming in iOS. See here for more details.
*2 Project files are bundled (folders). Folders as zip files are previewable. Uploading in Safari automatically saves as zip (The relevant software must be installed on the Mac of the uploading computer). If you are using Chrome or Firefox please zip your file before upload.
* For more details see previewable file types. 
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