v1.5.8 (2013.09.27)

  • 【Important Service Announcement】File limit has been removed for all plans. The maximum uploadable size for the Value plan has been increased to 500MB.
  • 【New Feature】* Most RAW image formats (.nef, .raf, .arw, .cr2, .orf) are now previewable.
  • 【New Feature】* InDesign files now previewable.
  • 【New Feature】* ePub files (all pages) now previewable.
  • 【New Feature】* Streaming now possible for mp4/mp3 Safari, Chrome and IE on PC. 
  • 【Improvement】 Mouse over the file name in the index to display the full file name.

* Features are in Beta state. Some file formats may not be able to be previewed.
 Please be aware that beta functionality may change in the future. 
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