v1.5.1 (July 2nd)

In this release, we have improved/revised upload usability and numerous other features seen below.

  • 【New feature】You can now download all editions in 1 file
  • 【New feature】You can now register with your Google account
  • 【New feature】You can now register with your Twitter account
  • 【Improvement】You can now link your Facebook account after registration 
  • 【Improvement】You can now see all edition comments in one place
  • 【Improvement】You can now see the number of files shared on board when invited
  • 【Improvement】You can now add editions from the option menu
  • 【Improvement】Office style previews are now faster
  • 【Improvement】You can now confirm when you have reached the plan limit
  • 【Improvement】When switching to a different page while uploading another file, you will now be asked to confirm this action
  • 【Improvement】You can now arrange upload items in a line
  • 【Improvement】Public board Face display has been improved
  • 【Fix】Nothing showing up in expanded preview: fixed
  • 【Fix】Scroll now returns when moving from board list to item list
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